How to Manage Your NGB Form 23 Retirement Points Statement – Tips for Army National Guard Officers

The NGB Form 23 is one of your most important retirement documents. If you want to manage your National Guard Career effectively, you must understand the NGB-23. Your NGB Form 23 provides you all types of information. Some of the important information includes:

# 1) Years of Credible Service: Each year you need minimum 50 points for it to count as a good year. You earn 15 membership points each year you are in the National Guard. Therefore, you only need to accumulate another 35 points for it to be a good year. During a typical two-day drill weekend, you earn four retirement points.

# 2) Total Retirement Points: At the bottom of your NGB-23, you will see your total retirement points. Your rank and total retirement points dictate your pension. The more points you get, the higher your pension will be. Most traditional M-Day Soldiers earn approximately 75 points per year. Typically, they get 14 points for Annual Training, 15 membership points, and up to 48 points for drill weekends. In this example, you would have 77-points.

# 3) Points Earned the Previous Year: Each year, your NGB Form 23 gets updated on your service anniversary. It summarizes that year’s performance and tells you how many points you had for that year.

# 4) Active Duty Points: Whenever you spend time on Active Duty, you get one point. For instance, if you attend a 14-day military school, you get 14 Active Duty Points. Additionally, if you spend time on temporary Active Duty (ADOS), you get one point for each day.

Typically, National Guard Soldiers receive an updated NGB Form 23 each year in their birth month or service anniversary month. However, you can get a copy any time by asking your Readiness NCO or S1 Office. Unfortunately, most Soldiers and Officers don’t take the time to sit down and review it for accuracy. You should.

I’ve seen some officers get 45-49 points in one year. That means they didn’t get a “credible year of service.” In other words, they wasted a year of their career because they didn’t actively manage their career. I don’t want this to happen to you. Therefore, make sure you review your NGB Form 23 periodically and get minimum 50 retirement points each year.

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